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Track the amount of visitors viewing your journal thanks to Upsaid's built in, text or image based, 100% customisable page hit counter!

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News & Updates
Sep 12
Entry categories

I'm glad to announce that the long awaited "Entry categories" feature is now available. To start creating categories, head to the "Entry categories" section of your control menu. You can then move your existing entries to the new categories by going to the "Edit an entry" section. 

The category's name can be displayed on the "Entry Templates" using the !!category!! variable. (View adetailed example)
Mar 23
Accounts policy change

After a lot of concertation, we have made the decision to suspend Upsaid's free services. We apologise to all those disappointed in this decision, but please understand this is for the best. Upsaid's growth has become more than our server can handle. This change will not only be a releaf for the server, but it will also give us the chance to take an even better care of our Premium members. 

All owners of Upsaid Basic accounts can still keep their accounts if an upgrade to Uspaid Prmeium is made within thirty days from now. If you do wish to upgrade your account, please sign in and follow the instructions. 

Also, the Trial status remains, and its period has been pushed from one week to fifteen days. Please head to oursign up page in order to register for a trial account.
Mar 19
Server issues

Upsaid is currently undergoing some serious server overload. Therefore, we had no choice but disable all Basic accounts and close signups until we find a solution, which will take a few days. (Note that Basic account are not "removed" from the database in any way.) 
In the meanwhile, all Premium accounts will continue to function normaly. 

We apologise for the incovenience.
Feb 26
Automatic upgrades

We are please to announce that upgrades to the Premium status will now be be instantly processed after a Paypal payment is made. You will no longer have to wait for the Upsaid staff to manualy upgade your account! This goes for upgrades from Basic to Premium, purchases of additional Premium time, and sign ups for new Premium accounts.
Dec 29
Entry comments and html

After several members reported some of their visitors abused of html in their entry comments, we have decided to include an option which allows you to disable html in these comments. There are two levels of protection: 

- Simple html only : selecting this option will allow your viewers to use only the most basic html tags, which are:abi, and u. All other tags, such as img will simply not be displayed in the comment. 

- No html : if you select this option, all html tags will be stripped when the comments will be displayed. 

Note that if you chose to use this feature, it will not actually remove the html tags from the comments; they will simply not be displayed. 

In order to enable this protection, please go to "Edit options" -> "General options" from the control menu.
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