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Who Else Wants More Traffic And Better Search Engine Positions For Their Dog Website?

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(if you like webrings, this will make your head explode)

Everyone is familiar with the old "webring" concept, right? You put a little graphic at the bottom of your site which has buttons that say "next site" or something similar. A visitor clicks the button and is taken to another site that belongs to the same webring.

It sounds good, right? Like-minded webmasters are joining a group and sharing their visitors with each other. It does sound like a great way to leverage the power among multiple dog sites.


The foundation that webrings are built on is very flawed. Here's why:

1. There is no quality control. Just about any site can get approved for a typical webring. Which means that you might be sending visitors from your high-quality, informative site to a total spam or junk site. You've got no control over who you're linking to, and you can't be confident that you're sending your precious visitors to other quality sites.

2. Too many moochers! People will join the webring, but remove the webring code from their site! This means that these scumbags are gladly taking in the traffic from the honest members of the webring, but they're not giving any back! Or, they'll bury the code on an internal page that noone will ever see. Either way, the moochers are gladly taking in the webring traffic, but not giving any back.

3. There is no search engine benefit in a webring. If you follow the world of "search engine optimization" then you know that the #1 factor in how well you rank on Google is the number and quality of the sites that link to you. In a webring, the links coming to your site are run through something called a 302 redirect link. That means that Google does NOT recognize these links as pointing to YOUR site. They're essentially worthless links that do your search engine rankings absolutely no good.

This Is Why The Dog Connector Kicks Butt

We completely eliminated the three big problems with webrings and created something that is easy to implement, and will have a big impact on your website.

1. Total Quality Control - every single application is approved or rejected by a member of our staff. We personally visit each site to make sure that it is attractive and has quality information or products. There will never be a garbage site in our network.

2. No Moochers! The Dog Connector sends a weekly spider out to every site in the network. If the code which links out to other network sites is no longer present, the site will be disabled. The Dog Connector code is dynamic - that means that every time your page loads, it loads two random links pointing to active member sites. This safeguard prevents would-be-moochers from ever getting any traffic from the honest sites. Plus.. the dog connector will only send traffic to the page

3. Total Google Love - get ready for some geek-speak here.. Instead of using a 302 redirect link in the Dog Connector code, we've got all the links running through a 301 redirect, which Google treats the same as a static link. This means that all the Dog Connector links DO pass search engine juice. And since we only approve sites with solid PageRank, the result is that you can have dozens (or hundreds) of strong, high quality dog sites linking to you at any given moment.

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